25 Most Beautiful Girl’s First Names Forgotten With Years

Mom are always looking for a unique first name that will be orignal and fit perfectly. Let's remember the names that used to be popular years ago.


It’s never easy when it comes for moms to find the perfect first names for their babies, looking at names can become arduous but rare old names that are still beautiful could be inspiring! Many girl’s first name has been gone for a while and are now back. They disappeared for some time, they were simply forgotten until it returns to the major popularity.

This list contains plenty of absolutely adorable names that are perfect for little girls. Get inspired!

25. Louisa

24. Georgia

23. Leona

22. Pamela

21. Anita

20. Joyce

19. Hattie

18. Roseanne

17. Janet

16. Bonnie

15. Dorothy

14. Eleanora

13. Betty

12. Etta

11. Odessa

10. Daisy

9. Polly

8. Delphine

7. Tabitha

6. Gloria

5. Shirley

4. Kitty

3. Hazel

2. Constance

1. Opal

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